A weak immune system opens the door to the coronavirus. The task is to survive.

This study confirms that a strong human immune system is the best medicine to fight against coronavirus. Despite the mass hysteria caused by the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the world, one should not forget about other serious diseases, the mortality rate from which is much higher than the mortality from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Such statistics indicate that the immunity of the elderly is weakened and is not able to fight the disease. In this regard, the results of research by Australian scientists published in the journal Nature Medicine are of interest. In an interview with the BBC, Professor Kedzirska explained that the researchers “fully studied the immune response of a 47-year-old patient from Wuhan. "We were able to detect the appearance of immune cells in infected patients on the eve of clinical improvement."

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 has pushed into the background almost all other human problems. All are preoccupied with one thing, as if to avoid infection and survive in such a difficult situation. Doctors can not yet offer effective means of combating coronavirus, offering everyone to wear masks and not go out. However, this method of prevention against coronavirus is far from suitable for everyone; people must work to feed their families. Particularly at risk of death are older people. In the USA, 80% of deaths from coronavirus are people of retirement age.

Over the past 20-30 years, the number of people with severe diseases has increased dramatically. Every person has among family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances those who, unfortunately, are sick with various oncological, viral, chronic diseases of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract. There is a different view of the reasons for the increased incidence rate: some people think that people have begun to live longer, so deaths from diseases are increasing, others blame bad ecology and radiation from various types of radiation associated with the widespread spread of cell towers, mobile phones, etc. .d. It is almost impossible to single out any dominant factor in influencing health. It is very important not only to understand the causes of various diseases, but also to build protection against them. First of all, it is necessary that the body build its own defense, which would be an insurmountable barrier to various diseases. It is advisable to fight not only with the onset of the disease, but it is better to prevent its occurrence. Covid-19 coronavirus spreading around the world shows that only a strong human immune system is able to independently overcome any ailment. A strong immune system is, first of all, an organism with a healthy digestive system, free of toxins and saturated with the whole complex of essential minerals and trace elements. The German scientist professor Karl Hecht in his works repeatedly emphasizes that the intake of minerals and vitamins (as far as they are necessary) for an organism poisoned by toxins and heavy metals is useless, they simply are not absorbed. Due to dirty water and air, the use of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture, chemical preservatives and dyes used in the food industry, and chemically processed food products containing hydrogenated fats, food products of deep industrial processing - as a result, a huge amount of chemicals gets daily into our body and poisons it. We eat them, drink them, breathe them, apply them to our skin. All these toxic elements must be removed and preferably regularly. Detoxification of the body is a necessary step to strengthen the immune system. In our life we ​​constantly hear this word “DETOX”, but only a few really understand what it is about. Globally, all toxins can be divided into two large groups: endotoxins - substances that are formed in the body during its life and with which our body copes quite easily due to the work of our main detox organs. These are the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and intestines. exotoxins are substances that do not belong to the natural inhabitants of our body, and it is they that disrupt the connection between the cells of the body and the functioning of the cells themselves. Our environment today is overloaded with toxins: more than 90 thousand different toxins are today registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the trend concept of detox drugs, many manufacturers are now disguising themselves, as they understand the importance of detox procedures to maintain health and, importantly, to preserve youth. When choosing detox drugs, it is important to understand that no juice or teas are detoxified. Medical detox preparations with a proven effect of cleansing the body include substances that contain minerals and trace elements that replace heavy metals and toxins in accordance with a number of selectivities. These toxins and heavy metals, the residual products of the body’s metabolism are neutralized in the digestive tract, “captured” and forcibly removed from the body. If the drug does not have the mechanical ability to “capture” toxins and heavy metals directly in the intestine, then all the harmful elements can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and re-poison the body. An example of a detox drug that meets all the requirements that has been certified in Germany is the Mega NFC® medical10 medical detox drug, which provides gentle detoxification of the body without harming health and enhances the person’s own immunity. Speaking about the topic of cleansing the body, one should not lose sight of the aspect of maintaining healthy beauty - it is here that the detox is clearly shown to have a positive effect. The desire of people to look younger than their age makes them not only take various anti-aging SPA procedures, but also go under the knife of plastic surgeons. The desire of a person to look younger, to be attractive and sexy is natural and understandable, in addition, an absolute trend for many years now. And for some, this is a real need and a prerequisite for success: there are a number of professions that determine a person’s position in society, which simply require you to be energetic, active, and of course have a healthy appearance.

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