Advice from Beauty expert Victoria Roshchaninova: anti-aging detox "Mega NFC"

The longing for eternal youth is as old as the history of mankind, and today visual beautification and rejuvenation practices are well supported by a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques in the field of cosmetics and aesthetic surgery applications. Looking young and healthy, but also feeling that way too, is becoming increasingly important with the full focus upon inner health. In that view we see our anti-aging detox product as a part of the diverse complexity in the field of modern rejuvenation art. Bringing together all the components that help us to achieve our goal for healthy and long living, is the path towards the long-cherished “eternal youth”; and we want to be an important companion on this path.

Anti-Aging through Detox – Theory of the Nobel prize winner (1912) Dr. Alexis Carrel. In his view, the aging process can be prevented by eliminating the waste products of metabolic processes in the human body (so-called detoxification). Carrel argued that the aging process is triggered off by the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. Detox - is a modern body cleaning ritual.

Toxic condition in the body is damage to metabolism through various chemical substances of daily life such as drugs, artificial flavours and dyestuffs, preservatives, household chemicals, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption, various environmental factors and different forms of radiation. Detoxification occurs when the body is assisted in excreting harmful substances and toxins and cleaning itself. The toxins are the body’s waste products: bacteria, dead cells, waste products generated by the digestive system or metabolism.

Toxins turn up in our body due to a poor diet, tobacco and alcohol consumption or not enough sleep. External environmental toxins and hazardous substances lead to additional stress on the body and are outside our control. Drug abuse (e.g. antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories) and many additives in the foods that are produced industrially also encourage the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. Basically, the body is able to cleanse itself. Only once the toxins gain the upper hand are they deposited in the cells and cause the “toxification”. The body is no longer able to cleanse itself – and it needs external assistance. There are various indications showing that our bodies are overloaded with toxins. They include gastrointestinal problems, weight fluctuations, skin irritation, insomnia, headaches and a general lack of drive. This can cause chronic diseases and allergies.

It is right time to help your body to get full support in detoxification with premium product MEGA NFC® medical10.

The main principle of operation is based on the selective exchange of ions. The ions, included in the crystal lattice of MEGA NFC® medical10 and important for the body are transmitted into the cells through the connective tissue, while replaced by harmful to the body ions (depending on the selectivity series), e.g. heavy metal ions, that the body has to be purged of. The crystal structure of the MEGA NFC® medical10 product also has an electrical potential and is able to attract toxins, bacteria, fungus and viruses and to neutralize them in this way. This process stimulates natural detoxification and slows down the production of free radicals. The surface of the particles of MEGA NFC® medical10 is filled with additional negative charges, so that it becomes a strong donor of electrons with the aid of which it neutralises the positive charges of excess free radicals. Here it is more efficient than conventional well-known “radical scavengers” such as certain vitamins.

The monthly supply of the medical product MEGA NFC® medical10 consists of 30 double sachets of 2x3 g each that should be taken daily. The sachets are produced from a special material in accordance with the requirements for complementary packaging of the German Medical Products Act, UV- protected, vacuum-sealed to avoid contamination through oxidation and to ensure the stability of the effectiveness (guaranteed and proved for a period of 4 years). You can conveniently divide the daily dose into 2 portions through the innovative filling of double sachets and have it with you compactly when you are on the move.

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