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WHEN NATURE CREATED us, she had no idea that we were fed on products that are contaminated with preservatives and dyes, and that we inhale harmful fumes as a result of our perfect mobility and that we take medicines whether we have a reason to do so or not. Consequently, we are all polluted with toxins to some degree. How can we deal with this under normal everyday conditions?

The answer is very simple: By using the innovate MEGA NFC® medical10 medicinal product "Bodycleaning Detox Deluxe"

Why do toxins build up inside our body? There are lots of reasons why: poor nutrition, consuming alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep. The air we breathe contains a lot of harmful additives. On the one hand, medications such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, etc. help to cure our illnesses, but on the other hand, they can damage the liver and kidneys. This is how problems with the stomach and intestines, weight changes, sensitive skin, sleep disorders, headaches and a general feeling of unwell become our constant companions and how people start to simultaneously carry noxious substances and toxins. Incidentally, these toxins also include heavy metals. There was hardly anyone happy with fillings. This is because fillings are an alloy made of mercury and other substances. Even if we get rid of fillings, the mercury will remain in the tissue of our organs. Not to mention allergies (the real scourge of our times), because toxins are increasingly attacking our immune system. Is it possible to fight it? Of course it is. We all need a detoxification cure, in other words a cure for purifying the body. It is no coincidence that the word "detox" is so in vogue these days. Regular detox treatment helps our body to get rid of all the rubbish we have accumulated over the years. Why did MEGA NFC® medical10 become such a big sensation for anti-aging medicine specialists? Our philosophy is based on prevention rather than cure. Our product is made from the purest zeolite, a mineral of volcanic origin that is micronised and activated by a sophisticated process, which increases the responsiveness and the physical surface area. Micronisation technology has been further developed by using the HENA® process. This very special activation leads to clinoptilolite being provided with electrical potential, which virtually acts as a door opener as part of ion exchange with cells. As a result, the positive effects of this mineral are again significantly increased. This technology is only found on MEGA NFC® medical10. When taken in the morning (on an empty stomach), MEGA NFC® medical10 absorbs medical heavy metal such as lead, mercury, caesium and other toxic residues from the intestine and releases minerals such as magnesium, potassium, selenium and calcium into the body. How does it work? By means of selective ion exchange. The ions that are important for the body, which are in the crystal lattice of MEGA NFC® medical10, are transferred via the connective tissue in the cells, and in other places where ions occur (depending on the selectivity series), such as heavy metal ions, which the body must be freed from at all costs. Furthermore, the crystal structure of the MEGA NFC® medical10 compound has electrical potential and is able to attract toxins, bacteria, fungi as well as viruses and subsequently neutralise them.

„MEGA NFC is the new insider tip amongst celebrities“.

This process stimulates natural detoxification and slows down the production of free radicals. What does silicon dioxide mean for looking healthy? The important thing is that MEGA NFC® medical10 70% silicon dioxide, which is considered the oldest cosmetic since the time of Cleopatra. According to legend, the queen got her beauty thanks to silicon dioxide and was consequently able to preserve it. This mineral is found in human connective tissue. Silicon dioxide contributes to maintaining smooth skin, hair growth and joint mobility. It is no coincidence that a young person's skin contains the largest amount of silicon dioxide. This decreases considerably with age and leads to a reduction in the skin's elasticity. Absorbing antioxidants promotes our health. MEGA NFC® medical10 is a highly effective antioxidant. If excess free radicals are not removed, oxidation and the destruction of the cell membranes begin, which in turn leads to disease and ageing of the body. MEGA NFC® medical10 prevents the formation of excess free radicals as a highly effective antioxidant.

Premium MEGA NFC® medical10 compounds are 100% made in Germany and meet the highest standards for medical compounds

Try it for yourself: The results will speak for themselves. A healthy lifestyle: balanced nutrition, adequate fluid intake and physical activity increase the compound's effects. Further information and ordering:

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