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Millions of years ago was born a unique mineral during the eruption of the volcano on the territory of modern Norway, when the ash and molten lava connected with sea water. It has the ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins in part of the German detox product MEGA NFC®.

Detox Product MEGA NFC® appeared five years ago and made furor. Detox complex that contains a unique volcanic origin with a difficult name "zeolite-clinoptilolite", cleanses the body and nourishes it more than thirty mineral substances. The miracle tool also provides antioxidant protection at the DNA level, acting in 150 (!) times stronger than vitamins C and E. In other words, this powder easily replaces a handful of new-fangled capsules, and even promotes good digestion and sleep. On the background of his admission, reduced fatigue and physical endurance and working capacity of the brain to grow.

Moreover, this detox course already add injection therapy and plastic surgery to enhance effectiveness and duration of effect. Studies have shown MEGA NFC® improves cell regeneration and thus the quality of the skin. Not long ago, the inventors of the MEGA NFC® has perfected the technology of its production. The fact that the raw material is produced in Norway and processed by HENA® technology in high-frequency turbine based on the diamond plates. Increasing the number of their turns, managed to make the powder particles even smaller. And, as a consequence, reduce the dosage from 8 to 6 grams. Also, the structure has introduced two new mineral. Changed and the packaging, now it's sachets of 3 mg, which need to be dissolved in a glass of warm water and take twice a day for a month. An updated and more effective MEGA NFC® normalizes the ion balance in the body, programming it to self-purification and recovery." New Premium Detox Product MEGA NFC® medical 10 is selling at Kraftway Clinic (

ELLE, Mega NFC, Detox, Zeolite

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