„La vie detox“: Wellness-Lifestyle der Beauty-Ikonen

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“La vie detox”: The Wellness Lifestyle of the Beauty Icons

Finally revealed: The beauty secrets of the stars – MEGA NFC® medical 10

A radiant complexion, flawless skin and perfect hair are an absolute dream for many, but not just a matter of fate. After all, how much of a coincidence can it be that celebrities who present themselves at their best on red carpets and galas all draw admiring glances. So far the best-kept secret of the beauty-industry is a fascinating product that has long since found its way into the most luxurious spas and detox clinics in Europe. MEGA NFC® medical 10 is a high-end detox product for internal cleansing and draining of heavy metals and other toxins from the body. This is why it is an essential part of the most effective wellness and spa treatments, for it focuses on the enhancement of physical health, which in turn results in an even more radiant appearance. It is not without reason that this product has been certified as a medical product in the EU and therefore meets the highest demands for pharmaceutical purity and efficacy.

Après-spa wellness: detoxing between two health treatments Without a doubt, detoxification is the biggest trend among the stars. Regular intensive treatments provide a remedy against all signs of fatigue and ageing. But also in the time between two wellness programmes the pleasant spa effect can be easily maintained – if done correctly. The focus is specifically on a daily portion of wellness and internal cleansing with MEGA NFC® medical 10, so that all toxins and slags are kindly removed from the body – and along with them the negative effects on our health and beauty. It is not surprising that users feel absolutely refreshed and reborn. MEGA NFC® medical 10 is an expression of true luxury that so far has been available to an exclusive user circle at the most exquisite locations. It captivates not only luxury spa quests but also inspires doctors throughout Europe. By/While draining undesirable substances from the body, MEGA NFC® medical 10 breathes new life into the body, releases energy, ensures shining eyes and that incredible charisma that distinguishes stars and their entourage from the rest of the world. The absolute cleanliness – from the inside and the outside – gives them this irresistible nonchalance, flawless naturalness and therefore magical attraction.

The detox phenomenon MEGA NFC® medical 10 was discovered years ago by the beauty industry and has been considered an absolute insider tip among the stars. This is not at all surprising because this fascinating universal talent offers an extraordinary detoxification potential. Enthusiastic users report to have achieved a smooth complexion, strong hair and restful sleep when applied regularly. MEGA NFC® medical 10 is a gentle way of detoxification which can be perfectly integrated into the wellness concept. Aesthetic treatments are also frequently accompanied by MEGA NFC® medical 10 in order to achieve optimal results.

Why celebrities advocate MEGA NFC® medical 10 NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT, a company based in Hamburg, has launched a certified medical product with a highly promoted effect that is well documented by user reports and, what is more, by clinical studies. Their manufacturing process is revolutionary: due to the unique HENA® technology the product is highly effective and therefore greatly appreciated among users. Whether in Intercontinental Davos, Metropole Monte-Carlo, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel or SHA Clinic Alicante – this innovative quality product „made in Germany“ is an integral part of the luxurious detoxification programmes at numerous renowned locations. NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT has made a deliberate decision in keeping their product purist. No added artificial flavours, preservatives or other substances, so the product’s sole purpose is a consistent effectiveness, which is also supported by clinical studies. MEGA NFC® medical 10 is a highlight for the senses, encased in a classy designed packaging.

Such an exclusive brand naturally has its price: per day customers readily pay 14 euros, a month pack is available online at www.meganfc.eu for 420 Euros.

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