Mega NFC® Medical10: Beauty- and Anti-Aging Laureate Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Mega NFC medical 10, Zeolite, Detox, antioxidant

MEGA NFC® medical10 is laureate of the 4th ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHY 2016/2017 and receives further development of its formula and technology

Press Release - updated: Jul 11, 2017

Mega NFC medical 10, Zeolite, Detox, antioxidan

Hamburg, Germany, July 11, 2017 ( - For years, MEGA NFC® medical10, an exclusive German detox product, has been an established brand with the users of some the most expensive wellness clinics and spas in Europe. In the recent past, it has experienced a further development as a consequence of changes in management and an investment of an international holding. In the summer of 2015 NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT has acquired all patents and invested in the further development of the product. The improvements concern the origin of the raw material, which is from now on extracted from different pure sources all over the globe. By combining different clinoptilolites the product’s quality and purity could be further improved. At the same time, the patented manufacturing process HENA® was further optimised so that a higher degree of activation could be achieved. In addition, calcium and magnesium carbonate was added to optimise the gastric pH value and to promote healthy muscle, nerve and bone metabolism. The product has also been adapted to the stricter requirements for medical devices, resulting in new fields of application for the users. As a result, MEGA NFC® medical10 can be used to reduce histamine levels, support the intestinal wall and remove aluminum, cadmium, and cesium from the body.

MEGA NFC® medical10 has celebrated its five-year anniversary with the brand new slogan „Better life should last longer“. Soon after it had been introduced for the first time in 2011, the product has become popular in numerous renowned clinics across Europe. Since then, it has been used on a regular basis for anti-aging and aesthetic medical purposes. MEGA NFC® medical10 is a medical product produced and certified in Germany. It is made from natural clinoptilolite which is modified and activated by the worldwide patented HENA® system (High Energy Natural Activation). As a result, the effective surface of the mineral is increased and its reactivity enhanced. The potential of this product has recently been recognized by the international congress AMEC 2016 in Paris (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress): MEGA NFC® medical10 was the laureate of the 4th ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHY 2016/2017.

„What doctors particularly enjoy about our premium product are the consistent and convincing results, that can be achieved with such a simple application,“ explains CEO of NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT Alrich Kruse. „What is more, MEGA NFC® medical10 can be used effectively alongside other treatments and cosmetic procedures because it actually supports their effects." The bright grayish powder is dissolved in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach. It is used in prestigious clinics like the SHA WELLNESS CLINIC and the BAD RAGAZ MEDICAL RESORT.

„Being a leader and maintaining this position is a challenge that can only be met with a team of highly professional scientists, innovative manufacturing processes, integration of new technologies and continuous progress," says Alrich Kruse. Also in 2017, the company finally received the approval for the Russian market.


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