The Beauty secret of the Stars: MEGA NFC® medical10

Mega NFC medical 10, Zeolite, Antioxidant

Radiant complexion and flawless skin are not a question of fate. Finally, it is no coincidence that the Stars who show up to Galas and red carpets from its most beautiful side, drag, all the time admiring glances.

The currently best-kept secret in the Beauty industry is a fascinating product that has found its way into the most luxurious Spas and exclusive Detox clinics in Europe. MEGA NFC® medical 10 is a Detox product of the extra class, which is ideal for the inner purification and liberation of heavy metals and other toxins.

This, however, is not only the outer beauty, but also the physical health. Not in vain, it is allowed in Germany and the EU as a medical device and therefore complies with the highest standards of pharmaceutical purity and effectiveness. A daily dose of MEGA NFC® medical 10 dissolved in water in the morning before Breakfast drink – so it is with MEGA NFC® Nanoble Health of the Detox Lifestyle even away from the beauty clinics and style lived to the full.

Detoxing is without a doubt of the Beauty Trend among the Stars. Against all the signs of fatigue and ageing, regular treatments remedy the situation. Wellness and internal cleansing are in the foreground, finally, all the toxins and waste products to be removed from the body, and with them also the negative impact on the health and external appearance. It’s no wonder that users feel then like a new person.

MEGA NFC® medical 10 embodies a true luxury product, an exclusive group of users of the choicest Locations is given. It not only fascinated the users in Luxury Spas, Doctors are of the effect.

Mega NFC medical, Zeolite, Antioxidant

Why swear by Stars on MEGA NFC® medical10?

The German company NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT is based in Hamburg and has been associated with MEGA NFC® medical 10 a certified medical product on the market, the much-touted effect is evidenced not only by user reports, but also through clinical studies.

For the production they use a revolutionary process: the patented HENA® activation (High Energy Natural Activation) to obtain the final product with an efficiency that is described by users as inimitable. Among the most commonly described positive effects of noticeable increase in performance and a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin with regular application.

NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT GMBH maintains its exquisite product is deliberately puristic. On any kind of artificial flavors, preservatives or the like is omitted, so that the focus of the company is always the most Important thing remains – an effect that was also by clinical studies confirm! Wrapped in elegantly designed packaging, MEGA NFC® medical 10 is a Highlight for all the senses. Such exclusivity, of course, has its price: customers pay like 14 Euro a month package you get in the Online-Shop of the manufacturer under for 420 Euro.

The company NANOBLE HEALTH CONCEPT has brought MEGA NFC® medical 10 a scientifically sophisticated Detox System on the market, which is based on the volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite from the purest sources of the earth. Abroad, the product is seen for years growing sales. In the whole of Europe and, in addition, it is found in prestigious Spas, such as in Cannes and Davos, in the most prestigious Wellness clinics, for example, in Marbella, Zurich as well as in selected luxury Pharmacies, such as in Monaco or London. Also in Germany you get the Detox product in the well-stocked stainless-pharmacies, renowned clinics and Salons.

Wellness in a new Dimension

MEGA NFC® medical 10 an innovative quality product “made in Germany”, what are the quality claims of Detox products to a whole new level. By the certificate according to the Directive 93/42 / EEC, and the system of quality management according to ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012 the manufacturer ensures that his product is manufactured under the strictest guidelines. In this way, a high-quality product with the utmost level of purity – the epitome of extraordinary elegance.

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