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This innovation concept, star of detox and detox of stars, don’t have similar to it to aid you begin new life, delivering youth, health and vital strength, and this is for a long time!

This wonderful product, real elixir of beauty and life, was developed in Germany by team of medics, that is widely known to a lot of famous cinema celebrities, such as Ornella Mutti, and is used in best European beauty clinics and fitness-centers, including renowned Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain, prestigious Centre Henri Chenot, father of detox, or else in Kraftway clinic (director Victoria Roschaninova) in Moscow.

It is prescribed in many SPA all around the world, among which Cheval Blanc in Courchevel and others in Monaco. It’s also premium-partner of global world hotel chain «Healing Hotels of the Word» and Arosea Life Balance Hotel (presented in this issue).

Developed on the basis of zeolite clinoptilolite – natural mineral from volcanic rocks of Norway with exclusive property of absorption and high power of ion exchange. It’s subjected to process of extra-fine grinding and micronization. It is high-tech product with antioxidant property 150 times higher than ones of vitamins C and E, prevents many disturbances and diseases of organism. It passed severe tests of quality, meets the requirements of Europe directives about medical products.

Ingestion 1 sachet of MEGA NFC® medical10 per day during month contributes to detoxification of organism, drastically reduces acidity in the body, slows down neurodegenerative processes, helps to prevent degenerative diseases such as senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease, and provides intensive defense of cellular DNA.

This also normalizes process of blood formation, averts excessive creation of free radicals, improves skin appearance, strengthens hair and nails, has significant anti-aging effect and improves productivity in conditions of exhaustion. It is recommended as the basic and auxiliary treatment. This remarkable wonderful remedy, that has its price, can be compared with ambrosia – the food of gods in Greek mythology which provided their immortality! In any case MEGA NFC® medical 10 allows to prevent many illnesses and disorders of the body, prolongs our life and supports beauty and vitality for a long time! Given all this, our eternal youth is priceless! Site of the exclusive supplier, company Nanoble Health Concept GmbH:

Mega NFC medical 10 | Nanoble Health Concept | Detox | Antioxidant

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