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Mega NFC, Nanoble Health Concept, Antioxidant, Detox

Toxins have become the unfortunate price for our industrial wealth. They find their way into our body through the air, the water, our food, our clothes and the cosmetics we use, and manifest themselves as chronic fatigue, ongoing lack of energy, allergies, skin problems and further so called diseases of civilization. You cannot completely avoid these toxins, but you can minimize their impact by using organic products, cutting out processed foods and living a healthy lifestyle. The human body is one of Mother Nature’s most impressive works, giving it the ability to detoxify itself, mostly over its intestines. They are not only responsible for digestion, but also harboring up to 70% of the body’s immune cells. Thus, our intestines are vital for our immune system and overall wellbeing. Detoxification aims to relief the burden on the intestines, and therefore supports our body’s own cleansing processes. There are multiple ways to do so. Mineral products, as produced by Nanoble Health, have proved to be very efficient and effective in promoting detoxification. Eating minerals is a gentle, natural way to eliminate irritants and harmful substances in order to support your health maintenance system, not only successfully but sustainably. Your Nanoble Health Team Preferred Partner of Healing Hotels of the World

At the first visit in one of our founding member hotels, the Ananda in the Himalayas, we experienced in a very short time a new and fresh us. Our bodies felt invigorated and our minds were full of excitement. There was beauty all around us, which enhanced our inner state that can only be described as bliss. These were the places we wanted to promote to the world as professionals in the hospitality industry as they are change agents for an enriched life experience. We created the global brand Healing Hotels of the World to unite the best and most advanced hotels and resorts in the field of holistic health under one umbrella. The developments since that time have shown us that people all around the world wake up to see that a change in their lifestyle is necessary seeking healing hotels as competence centers for profound transformation. In the same time in all corners of the world hotels and resorts were developed that are committed to healing. On all six continents the same passion for a more healing, more sustainable and more compassionate lifestyle can be seen. We are happy to enhance and contribute to this worldwide movement through Healing Hotels of the World.