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This unique antioxidant powder not only slow down the process of aging, but also remove from organism toxins, improve digestion, sleep, skin and hair condition, reduce stress and boost immunity. The club of passionate followers of this wonder-remedy is not only limited by show-business stars and models. A year ago at the south of Spain there were people who on themselves experience cardinal changes in organism due to acceptance MEGA NFC. According to Larissa Pastushenko, the medical consultant of company on the Costa del Sol, "now the circle of the people formed, for whom detox became the life rule." Certified specialist of aesthetic medicine narrated to "Linda" readers about efficiency of MEGA NFC product.

The human organism is overloaded by toxins. Why? The answer is simple: high-caloric food, smoking and alcohol, lack of sleep. Air, that we breathe, water, that we drink, contain lots of harmful impurities. Reception of medicines such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressant means, etc., on the one hand help us to cope with diseases but on the other hand they strike the liver and kidneys.

Eternal companions of modern man, who is slag carrier, are stomach and intestines problems, weight fluctuations, sensitive skin, sleep disturbance, headaches, general malaise. Not to mention allergic diseases (the scourge of our days), after all toxins significantly undermine immune system... No wonder that detoxication, in other words purification of the body, became so popular nowadays. Nevertheless not everyone can afford himself the purification courses.

Many people, except financial side, are afraid by necessary of staying in health centers for couple of weeks, outside the family, isolated "from life". And for this relatively short time it is impossible to excrete all slags, that were accumulated during years. Is it worth mentioning such toxins as heavy metals? Few of us did not be happy owners of amalgam filling. But amalgam is alloy of mercury and other metals. Even then you get rid of such filling, mercury continue to be in tissue of our bodies.

That's why appearance of medical product Mega NFC became the real sensation among specialists, working in fields of antiaging medicine. The base of Mega NFC product is clinoptilolite-zeolite. This is unique natural mineral of volcanic origin that is obtained from one of the most ecologically pure region of Norway. Its rare quality is the ability to derive toxins from human body.

How does this happen? By way of ion exchange. Important for organism ions, that are contained in crystal structure MEGA NFC, are transferred to cells through connective tissue (extracellular matrix), and their places are occupied by ions from which organism must be relieved, e.g. heavy metals. Also crystal structure of clinoptilolite-zeolite has electric potential and have ability to attract ions, bacteriums, fungus, viruses and so neutralize them.

At the same time Mega NFC provides the body with organic substances, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium. But the most important thing - it contain silicon dioxide, that is known as oldest cosmetic remedy since the Cleopatra time. Egyptian queen, according the legend, acquired and retained beauty thanks to precisely silicon dioxide. That mineral is part of the human connective tissue. By the way, yet I.Metchnikoff, Nobel prize laureate, noticed that human age is determined by condition of connective tissue. And silicon dioxide contribute to the preservation smooth skin, hair growth, joint flexibility. Naturally that maximum content of silicon dioxide is in the infant skin. With age its indication significantly decreases and that leads to decline of turgor pressure in the skin tissues. One more remarkable feature of Mega NFC medical: this drug is highly effective antioxidant. All people know that for the body's vital function it is required oxygen. The part of it in organism transforms to ionized active oxygen. Its ions are named radicals. Those radicals by means of oxidation eliminate toxins and dead cells, viruses, bacteriums, etc. But if we have excess of free radicals than they begin oxidize and destroy membrane of our cells, and that cause diseases and aging. Reception of antioxidants support our health. Mega NFC medical product as highly effective antioxidant prevents the formation of free radicals and so slows down degenerative processes in human body and protect DNA of cells from aging. Notably that science consultant Mega NFC is doctor of medicine, professor of neurophysiology in Humboldt University of Berlin Karl Hecht. He already for 60 years studies clinoptilolite-zeolite, takes it daily. In his 90-years age he is youthful and vigorous, in a great physical, spiritual and mental state. Since the beginning of Mega NFC medical acceptance he didn't have influenza infection. Herewith he possess excellent memory and have ability to hold 2-3 hours lecture. And that in his 90!And medical consultant of the company Mega NFC is doctor Mosaraf Ali, the major doctor of Castel Monastero center, who monitor diet of the British Prince Charles himself. It is important to notice that the Mega NFC preparation is produced in Germany under strict quality control and meets the high requirements for medicines. Mega NFC already found wide application in famous elite clinics of Europe: SHA clinic (Almeria, Spain), Henri Chenot company group (Merano, Italy), Castel Monastero (Tuscany, Italy). In those centers it is used in antiaging programs, detoxication and reproductive medicine. Furthermore, the product is recommended for achievement greater effects from procedure of face and body care treatment, and also in case of homeopathic treatment. It is noteworthy that wonder-powder rapidly conquers markets of China and countries of Central Asia with their ancient customs of maintaining health and rejuvenation. Recently it was presented at Asia anti-aging congress in Singapore. Intensive antioxidant Mega NFC product continues to stay sensation in detox world providing purification, rejuvenation and recovery of the body.

It is enough to buy Mega NFC and take it at home on empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. Herewith balanced diet, plenty of fluids and physical activity strengthen product effect. See for yourself: the results will not be slow in coming.

In the composition of Mega NFC there's unique mineral zeolite from Norwegian volcanic lava slowing down the aging process.

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