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Homeopath of Kraftway clinic Eugeny Nul knows how to make your body young again.

Fashion Collection: Anti-Aging Detox, what is that?

Eugeny Nul: From the medical point of view aging represents gradual accumulation of wastes, toxins and free radicals as well as cell structure damage and changes in biochemical processes. It partly results from malnutrition, bad-quality food and drinks, environmental pollution. Our body needs assistance in fighting against harmful substances. We recommend the Mega NFC product.

FC: Could you describe the Mega NFC product functionality?

EN: Mega NFC is quite unique. It is produced of purely natural component - zeolite, extracted from volcanic lava (originated from ecologically clean region in Norway). During the manufacture process zeolite passes through the special diamond plates to achieve its far larger active surface. More to that, this technology eliminates the ingress of oxygen, that allows to preserve useful properties of the mineral.

FC: Which problems and diseases serve as indication for use of Mega NFC?

EN: Detox is an abbreviation of the term "detoxification" and refers to the cleansing of the body. The toxins are decomposition products: bacteria, dead cells, wastes, accumulated as a result of indigestion and metabolic diseases. Different signs indicate that we are full of toxins. In particular, you should alert the problems with stomach and intestines, weight fluctuation, skin irritation, sleep disturbance, headaches and general malaise. Intoxication can cause allergies and lead to chronic diseases. Mega NFC effect is unique as it not only leads to a gentle detox but also mineralizes the body.

FC: How should I use the drug?

EN: It is easy to follow the instructions: drink it every morning on an empty stomach, followed by plenty of water during the day.

FC: What result can a patient expect?

EN: Detoxification, mineralization of the body, prevention of many diseases, restoration of skin structure, immunity improvement, edema elimination. Many patients report improved physical state and endurance, reduction of the symptoms of fatigue.

FC: How long the product should be consumed to achieve appreciable results?

EN: We recommend taking a 3-month course minimum. The amount of toxins in the body increases with age and so could be the recommended dosage. Detox-clinics world-wide recommend a 6-month course.

FC: How to preserve the achieved effect of MEGA NFC?

EN: Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, drink more water. These simple rules help the body to restore health and overcome the signs of aging.

FC: Should the course be repeated?

EN: We recommend taking the course each year.

FC: What is the exclusivity of Mega NFC product?

EN: It is made in Germany, is subject to tight quality control. The product has unique composition and is manufactured with advanced technology. Mega NFC is good, fair, valuable product.