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The detox preparation Mega NFC used in the famous therapeutic centres of Europe, has made its appearance in Moscow! GRAZIA hurried to meet with the designer of the substance and to find out more details.

SPECIALISTS at the centres Henri Chenot in Merano and Castel Monastero in Toscana include the substance Mega NFC in various therapeutic programes, including in anti-aging ones and those to assist in weight loss. Its basis is the mineral clinoptilolite-zeolite which is granulated with the aid of a special technique, something that greatly reinforces its useful properties. "As a doctor of mathematics, I only believe what can be proved: Blood analyses before and after its use demonstrate the effectiveness of our preparation," says Holger Torsten Schubart, owner of the company Mega NFC. "It cleans out slags and heavy metals and provides antioxidant effects:" As a result, the bio-supplement Mega NFC works for rejuvenation and prevention of aging. "One of its valuable properties is the ability to normalise acidity in the gastrointestinal tract, which is important for all of the body's systems, including the immune system," as Dr Mosaraf Ali, the company's medical consultant and chief physician at Castel Monastero, tells us. "Besides that, it re-establishes the intestine's flora destroyed, for instance, by taking antibiotics. I can say that the positive changes are something I can already observe in my patients after a month of taking the preparation every day. Then I sometimes prescribe taking Mega NFC 2-3 times a week." Specialists do not hide it: The health approach of a balanced diet, lots of liquid and physical exercise, significantly reinforce the preparation's effect! And, in turn, it increases the effectiveness of the rejuvenation procedures for the face and the body. As a rule, the recommendation is to take the bio-supplement on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating, but before that it is a good idea to consult a physician. (G)

Above from left to right: The owners of the Mega NFC company, Holger Torsten Schubart and Olga Oncken, Dr Mosaraf Ali and the director of the Kraftway Clinic, Victoria Roshaninova

Above from left to right: The owners of the Mega NFC company, Holger Torsten Schubart and Olga Oncken, Dr Mosaraf Ali and the director of the Kraftway Clinic, Victoria Roshaninova.

Victoria Roshchaninova, director of the Kraftway clinic

"I am an advocate of natural components, and I like the composition of this product: The mineral is obtained from geological material of volcanic origin, mined in one of the most ecological parts of Norway. Of course, its effect was also impressive: soft cleansing. I was still drinking it regularly in the autumn and I can say that the strengthening of the immune system was very noticeable with no colds in the winter! At the clinic, we also recommend it for attaining a greater effect from the procedures for skin and body care, as well as with homeopathic treatment. And dental surgeons also work with Mega NFC: it helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body of those patients who have had fillings made of amalgam."