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Personal physician of the British Royal Family doctor Mosaraf Ali shares his secrets of longevity

Who are your permanent patients? What is their lifestyle?

Among my patients there are kings and presidents (Prince Charles and all British Royal Family already for more than 20 years trust my method), businessmen, politics from whole world and their families, including quite a lot of russians. I noticed that all my patients are exposed to stress. But stress and toxins from environment are major opponents of modern man.

When wealthy clients contact you with request to stand still time and return their youth what are you reply them?

First thing I ask patient to show me his tongue. By its appearance I can determine what are man nutrition, is there any problems with digestion and from which chronic diseases he suffers. Curiously enough digestion and youth preservation are closely interlinked.

What determines aging?

"We are aging" means that we "oxidize". Oxygen, the primary element for vital activity of cells, leave after its disintegration free radicals which stick to health cells and disturb their work, drain them. Food with high acidity only aggravates body burden. It must spend lots of effort to neutralize acid with help of bile and enzymes. However we can help our bodies: draw away free radicals by means of proper nutrition, some natural antioxidants (grapes, green tea) and also remedy-absorbents of new generation. The most advanced detox-remedy Mega NFC (Nano Future Concept) can be purchased only in the world's leading clinics, and in Moscow it is exclusively represented in Kraftway clinic.

What is the uniqueness of the product Mega NFC and its effect?

This nanopreparation of new generation consists of exclusively natural substance, silicon dioxide, that is obtained from ecologically friendly regions of Europe. In the form of colloidal suspension it circulates through the blood vessels, not settling in them. Positively charged ions of silicon work as powerful filter: entirely draw out from blood heavy metals and chemical toxins and so harmful alcohols and salts - products of fermentation and oxidation, and free radicals. Purified organism begins to work "as new". My practice shows that we can speak about comprehensive rejuvenation of organism.

Does it have any side effects?

Observing patients I noticed that people who assume Mega NFC within the framework of detox lose weight. Blood tests show stabilization of liver functions and decrease of sugar level in blood. Such side effects are pleased by many patients!

5 new precepts of Hippocrates

1. Control acidity

Should limit arrival acid products in organism. If you reduce consumption of white wine, some citruses, nuts, coffee and black tea, than you save organism from increased burden.

2. Funguses and yeasts are opponents of healthy metabolism

Large amount of antibiotics that arrive to organism cause reproduction of fungal bacteria, fermentation that contribute to accumulation toxins and alcohols - propanol, butanol, ethanol. Toxins from intestines go to blood poisoning organism, inducing skin diseases.

3. The struggle against free radicals is not myth

Oxidation products, free radicals are invisible enemies accelerating organism aging. Sticking to cell membranes they block inward flow of useful substances, drain cells and deprive them of their viability.

4. Life - in motion

Physical activity, either yoga asanas or simple daily walks, are required for normal metabolism and circulation, so they contribute to elimination accumulated toxins.

5. Regular detox is modern hygiene

Bad ecology pollutes organism by toxins. Contaminated water and air and some food products contain chemical substances - salts, alcohols and heavy metals, which delay in liver, lungs, blood vessels and disrupt organs work, loosen immunity.