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The personal physician of Prince Charles, Mosaraf Ali presented at the Kraftway Clinic a new substance for detoxication and revealed for HELLO! the secrets of longevity and wellness

Dr Mosaraf Ali

To understand why Prince Charles and Hollywood stars entrust their health to him it is enough to take a look at Dr All's CV. The eastern wizard began his career in Delhi, continued it in Moscow, and was later sent to remote parts of India, where he took lessons in herbal healing from local elders and healers. Altogether, along with generally known methodologies he received unique skills: to be able to determine the health by pulse and the iris of the eye.

Where does the secret of your method lie?

Sticking to simple rules, you can look young until old age. You must eat right, engage in cleaning out the body and in yoga and relaxation. We discovered stem cells but we forgot methods proven through centuries. Previously, doctors always asked to see your tongue, felt your pulse and now the entire examination of the patient has been replaced by a collection of standard question. In Delhi I learned the art of contactless diagnostics at the time when that was not fashionable in the West.

Popular right now are devices that remove toxins, and why didn't we pay attention to this before?

Because the spreading of certain diseases provoked people themselves, for example, fungus diseases. As soon as we began to use penicillin the balance was disturbed and fungi started to predominate in the body over bacteria. That, in turn, led to accumulation of slags and toxins. To fight them, we need antioxidants, green tea, vitamin C, grapes. However, the greatest number of antioxidants are found, not surprisingly, in fruits and herbs, and in the mineral zeolite. For example, it is present in the composition of the nutritional supplement MEGA NFC.

Can you give our readers some pieces of advice?

Once every two weeks, drink tea, water and vegetable soups the entire day. This will help purge the body. Do yoga, try not to eat after seven o’clock in the evening and use less salt. If you want to rid yourself of excess weight, mix in different proportions and drink several days a week herbal concoctions made from camomile, mint, huckleberry leaves, birch buds and sagebrush on an empty stomach. (H!)


The best antioxidant is green tea with lemon.

The MEGA NFC food supplement regulates the functions of the nerve and digestive systems, improves the condition of the skin, and has a soothing and anti-fungal effect. The preparation does not contain any flavouring additives and has been created on the basis of zeolite, a pure geological substance of volcanic and oceanic origin.

Besides members of the British royal house, in the doctor’s office you might meet Claudia Schijfer (photo), Valentino Rossi, Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Moss or Michael Douglas.