They aroused the volcano

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"With increasing age our cells suffer from oxidation, like an avocado cut open," the London "panacea doctor" Mosaraf Ali feels. In his hands the wellness of Prince Charles, Samuel L Jackson and Kate Moss lies. "The German bio-supplement Mega NFC 10® solves this problem. I have already been taking it for a year." Ali's clients, as well as athletes, workaholics and detox cure fans have already exchanged a fistful of multivitamins and capsules with fish oil for one packet of the miracle powder a day. In the composition of the new product is the multitasking mineral zeolite from Norwegian volcanic lava which slows down the ageing process. A month's cure fine-tunes the body's work like an experienced piano tuner: It eliminates toxins. improves digestion, sleep, the condition of the skin and hair,reduces stress and increases resistance. And one morning dose rids you of any reminder of the few lychee martinis downed the night before. There's no longer any need to make a beeline for new product at Sha, Henri Chenot or the London office of Dr Ali - Mega NFC10 has arrived at the Moscow Kraftway Clinic.